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Traditional travel tripods have a critical flaw: tons of wasted space. The result is a tool that is inherently difficult to carry with you into the field. We fixed that, and more.

We spent 4 years redesigning the tripod from the ground up to eliminate dead space and minimize packed-down size.

But we didn’t stop at space savings.

We made a tool that deploys and packs down rapidly—nearly twice as fast as a traditional tripod. We made it intuitive and delightful to use. We engineered professional-quality stability and performance. And we added thoughtful features to help you get the shot— with any gear, in any environment, from any point of view.

We built the Travel Tripod around the photographer’s workflow. How? We are photographers.


Okay, let’s dive into all these features:

Pro performance. Half the size.

The Travel Tripod takes up half the volume of a traditional travel tripod. We also eliminated bulky, protruding knobs. The result? Every water bottle pocket on your bag is now also a tripod pocket, and you’re carrying a full sized tripod with professional capabilities.


Set it up (and pack it down) faster.

With traditional travel tripods, slow setup may mean a missed shot. Not with the Peak Design Travel Tripod. We designed strong, easy-to-use leg cam levers that can be operated together (no tedious twist locks!). With our architecture there’s no need for the legs to flip up/down when packing and unpacking.  And, we topped it off with lightning-fast camera quick-attachment/release.

Current office record: 9.4 seconds from packed to legs deployed.


Love thy ball head.

No more guessing which knob to turn or how far to turn it: a single and precision-engineered adjustment ring gives total articulation. Our locking ring gives you further stability and vibration reduction. But even without it, your camera is locked securely in place. The unique head design gives you greater range of articulation, and incorporates 3 portrait mode cutouts instead of 1.

Made for the camera in your bag.

Make no mistake: the Travel Tripod is small, but it’s ready for big jobs. High-performance materials and precision machined parts yield weight capacity, stability, and vibration dampening comparable to much larger, more expensive tripods. The Travel Tripod is designed to handle pro photography gear, easily handling a full-frame DSLR with a 70-200 lens. Combining a 20lb weight capacity with a 60″ max height, the Travel Tripod performs as well as any other in its class.

Also made for the camera in your pocket.

There’s a reason that phones are already the most used cameras in the history of cameras: mobile devices take incredible pictures,  they’re only getting better, and you always have it with you. That’s why we gave the Travel Tripod a brilliant, stowable, universal mobile mounthidden in the center column.

More points of view. More environments.

It takes just seconds to switch to Inverted Mode, perfect for macro or product photography. Or, with a few turns of the included hex wrench, you can reconfigure into Low Mode. The Travel Tripod goes lower than any other tripod in its class, enabling unmatched ground perspective shots.

A zippered soft case from the legendary Peak Design soft goods department, plus all the tools to use and maintain your new tripod.


L-brackets and 3rd party tripod plates. Remove the pins on the ball head for longer plates. Compatible with most Arca Swiss plates.

How about the entire Peak Design Ecosystem. Secure Anchor connection points let you carry the Travel Tripod with any Peak Design strap. The Travel Tripod uses the same plate that comes with our Capture Camera Clip. Carry the Travel Tripod in (or on) any Peak Design bag. It’s the size and shape of a water bottle, making it easy to carry in any bag you want.



Durable, serviceable, and guaranteed for life.

Weatherproof and impact-resistant, we built the Travel Tripod to give you years of joy. How many years? A lifetime. Like all Peak Design products, we guarantee the Travel Tripod for life (see warranty details in the FAQ). We made every part of the Travel Tripod serviceable, cleanable, and replaceable, to give it a longer lifespan and generate less waste.

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And what if you’re detail-oriented?

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