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Enjoy a live concert in the privacy of your home with Mars One’s groundbreaking innovation: 360° surround sound, where you won’t lose detail in the music no matter where you sit or stand.

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Mars One combines five new things:

  •  A 360° ribbon tweeter, featuring our proprietary design.
  •  A 360° cone mid-range tweeter
  •  A large-stroke powerful woofer provides accurate 360° music playback.
  •  Rated 200 watts of ultra-high power and 35hz-38Khz ultra-wide frequency band performance withstand any dynamic response.
  •  A one of a kind aluminum alloy case which eliminates any possibility of affecting sound quality and providing durability to last a lifetime.

We offer piano black and stark white colors to blend with the style of your home. 

Our four-layer piano paint has a futuristic hardware configuration and unparalleled craftsmanship–inside and out, the real product is much more beautiful than the picture.

With the almost magical 360° sound quality providing the same sound no matter where you are in the room, you’ll no longer have to position yourself or the speaker in some perfect area of the room to experience perfect sound quality. The sound finds you.

OE Mars One offers numerous technical advancements, such as our new 360 degree omnidirectional ribbon tweeter, the 360 degree median speaker, a newly designed long stroke woofer, and a built-in high power digital amplifier.

Our beta users are consistently amazed at how we have achieved these strong results.

360 Omni-directional Speaker System

We’ve patented this 360° ribbon tweeter and 360° aluminum-composite diaphragm midrange unit.

The ribbon tweeter tweeter applied to the HiFi speaker has been designed by the OE to provide 360° surround sound, all in one unit. Ultra-high resolution, higher upper limit bandwidth, more detailed performance compared with dome treble at the top of the range.

Make music more musical. The 360° surround sound transmits sound waves naturally, which provides a realistic sound over the traditional speaker construction.

From different positions, you hear a complete and beautiful sound. The difference is entirely clear.

Hi-fi Digital Power Amplifier

In traditional audio systems, Hi-Fi often means a series of professional and complicated equipment such as speakers, amplifiers, processors, etc.

To eliminate the diffraction effect of a standing wave, we use a  new curved design, independent USS -360° omnidirectional speaker system, and spherical all-aluminum woofer cavity.

To let the power amplifier remain undistorted, we use a top of the line high-fidelity power amplifier, adopting a new generation of hi-fi digital power amplifier, the TPA3251.

The maximum rated power of the two chips combined has reached 650W. The total harmonic distortion in this power range is astonishingly low to 0.005%. Such a low distortion is a necessary factor for playback of high-fidelity sound.

Three Way Crossover Technology

Mars One is known as OE’s “killer” product. Why?

Our speaker is equipped with high, medium, and low-range 360-degree omnidirectional speakers and three independent high-fidelity digital amplifiers, a cross-timing digital signal processor (DSP), and an end-to-end 192kHz/24-bit high-resolution digital signal path.

57mm 360° Ribbon Tweeter
57mm 360° Ribbon Tweeter
360° Midrange Speaker- 0EQ- 360° aluminum composite diaphragm midrange speaker
360° Midrange Speaker- 0EQ- 360° aluminum composite diaphragm midrange speaker
High Power Long Stroke Woofer Speaker
High Power Long Stroke Woofer Speaker

Each channel is dedicated to DACs, preamplifiers that support streaming media, and factory-optimized amplifiers placed in the power amplifier channel structure.

What does this all mean for you?

Don’t worry about buying extra, expensive electronics add-ons. We’ve built in everything, did all the research, and built a speaker with no compromises so it just works.

Flawless Connectivity

Connect to anything. OE Mars One comes with multiple connectivity options that are paired with cutting-edge technology to bring you continuous music no matter your streaming service.

Our technology team with a diverse background in product engineering is proud of OE Mars One’s Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity and ability to sync with any modern device.

Using a Wi-Fi network means you’ve got three times the usable range of Bluetooth, you can play high resolution audio without compression, you can have more than one user at a time, and you can have them all over your home controlled from any device on your network (together or individually).

Touch-sensitive Controls

The top part of OE Mars One comes with a very user friendly touch-sensitive controls. Play/Pause, Play Next/Previous, Volume Up/Down. It’s intuitive and requires no experience.

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Multi-room Capability

You as a music listener are able to create a complete surround sound system at home without having to deal without a single speaker cable. Imagine – a whole house without annoying cables yet with a beautiful, clear, and natural sound system.

Install the free OE app on as many phones and tablets as you like. Control the music in every room from any device. Group two or more rooms together to play the same song perfectly synchronised in party mode. Play a different song in every room when everyone wants to dance to their own tune.

Simple Premium Design

Our product designers have spent months developing the designs for OE Mars One. Our countless iterations have led to an appearance that is elegant and timeless – whether it is for your living room, your bedroom, or even outdoors. The design will fit perfectly in any setting.

An advanced aviation body and four-layer piano lacquer finish ensures that the Mars One will be a beautiful addition to your home.

If we reach $100,000, we will include in every pledge level upgraded OCC high purity single crystal copper cables. They achieve higher sound clarity and satisfy the most meticulous listeners. A gold-plated plug reduces unnecessary vibration. This cable is small, lightweight, and braided to provide durability.

We’ve spent over a decade perfecting this speaker system, and hundreds of people have poured in thousands of hours testing and tuning for a quality that is simply unparalleled–inside and out.

OE (meaning Original & Elegant) has been committed to bringing real, natural sound to everyone.

In order to achieve the highest standard of music reproduction, we dedicated ourselves to perfecting the 360-degree all-round sound speaker technology for eight years. Since then, we have created the world’s first 360° pneumatic tweeter unit and 360° ribbon tweetermade with a new generation of 360° all-round speaker units.

In order to ensure the accurate collection of logistic costs and save your money ,we decided calculate and collect the postage amounts after the crowdfunding. In this way, based on the number of products sold through the crowdfunding, we can reduce the packaging and postal costs as much as possible. Shipping will be charged after the campaign in the post-campaign survey.

Shipping charges above are estimates, final shipping charges may vary slightly from these estimates. Shipping INCLUDES all sales tax, GST, VAT and duties. if you have any question pls ask us, Thanks for your understanding.

Q: Why are you passionate about your product? What drove you to invent it? 

I heard the German MBL 360° fever speaker for the first time 15 years ago. Because it is a 360° all-round sound speaker, listening to music is truly natural and wonderful. From then on, I like the perfect sound of 360° speaker, but too Expensive, I may not be able to afford it.

At an international audio exhibition, German engineers said: It is impossible to produce similar products (360° speaker system) within ten years in China. His Words prompted me to overcome this loved 360° speaker technology and make it come out, so that more people can afford 360° wireless sound system.

After my repeated trials and tests, I constantly tried new manufacturing techniques and methods, repeatedly adjusted technical parameters, optimized the design, followed the 360° all-round sound logic. After hundreds of experiments and comparisons, I finally created our own 360. ° Speakers, and produced engineering prototypes; in the process, we continue to select materials, optimize the design, and strive to reduce manufacturing costs, and ultimately create the current Mars one 360 ​​° wireless HiFi audio system, Next, I want to mass-produce it and promote it to all over the world.

Q: What difficulties have OE Mars One overcome? 

After years of innovative research and development, OE has overcome many technical problems such as sounding materials, production processes, electronic technology bottlenecks, and patented technical barriers. It has successfully designed and developed independent intellectual property rights of high quality 360° all-round sound speaker system. This is the first time we are crowdfunding, and we hope to take this opportunity to get support ,feedback and recognition from all around the world.

Q: How long have you been developing this product?

1. The overall development took more than 5 years,

2. 360 ° speaker system design, R&D, and verification took more than 4 years to complete the invention patent technology and production machine verification.

3. Appearance design, functional design, structural design, manufacturing process, etc. took more than 3 years.

4. Hardware electronic system integration and control software take more than 2 years.

5. The luxurious hardware configuration carries out cost control, and controls the price range of high-quality audio electronic products from $5000 to $1000 , which takes more than one year.


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