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How many times have you stuck your sunglasses in your shirt, only to have them fall out and hit the ground ?

Most likely, a lot and it’s never good. 


Premium Polarized Sunglasses that harness the power of smart magnets so you can attach and store them on your clothes or gear without the worry of them falling. No more sunglasses hitting the ground, getting scratched, or even breaking. Kore glasses stay put.

So how do they work ?  Embedded deep inside each of the sunglass arms are highly specialized magnets. These neodymium smart magnets are actually configured to direct their entire magnetic field outward, to the outer side of the glasses. This is because at the opposite end of the arms we implanted small metal strike plates designed to engage the magnets. This means when you fold the glasses, a strong bond lets you attach and store the glasses to clothing or other items, while being totally safe to wear.

This is a whole new technology within the sunglass market and an all-new patent pending product by Kore Essentials. It’s a great convenience and a big money saver, especially if you own premium, high quality sunglasses from Kore.


But we didn’t stop there. We employed the highest quality materials available to create our new KORE Klarity Lenses. This visually stunning lens is set apart by its ability to enhance natural colors while providing ultra-crisp clarity. To accomplish this, we imported Swiss TR90 Polymide, and during manufacturing, we directly fuse the lens core with a high-grade Polarizer.  Kore Klarity Lenses are ultra-high transparency, maximum strength and provide total UV400 sun protection for your eyes.  (Fact: these are some of the best lenses you can get)

Next we made our lenses scratch resistant, smudge proof, and anti-reflective using an electron beam fusion process that applies high-grade formulations directly onto the lens. It’s a more expensive process, but it produces the best properties and performance. Whereas cheaper brands merely apply films. At Kore we prefer the high road.

Choose between the “Reckless” Wayfarer style or the “Badlands” Wrap style.

You’ll also notice that our Kore frames are a beefier, more substantial design compared to most sunglasses. They are NOT an ultra-light weight, thin, flimsy, or cheaply made, but rather quality-built for durability.  For example, the hinges and screws are 25% larger to withstand more use and abuse. The frames themselves are also imported TR90 Polymide infused with a black coloring, to take advantage of the materials inherent strength and flexibility. Kore glasses are built to last.

As a test – the glasses were baked at 200 degrees, submerged in salt water and then compressed for several hours – each with no damage whatsoever to the frames or lenses.


Next up, we developed the Visor Strap, a better way to store your Kore sunglasses in your car, where most of us leave them. Using velcro and heavy-duty nylon, the visor strap attaches to most sun visors so you can magnetically store your Kore glasses overhead, for easy-access.


Also included is a cool tubular plastic case that provides perfect protection for travel or in-car storage solution. Just remove the top, place it on the bottom and it fits in most cup holders for easy in-and-out sunglass storage. No more loose sunglasses in your cup holder getting scraped and scratched.

Why all the innovations and extras?  The truth is – we’re not interested in just making sunglasses, to make sunglasses – it’s got to be something innovative, something better – or we won’t do it – no apologies – that’s just the Kore way.  It’s what we do.

When you try on a pair of our new Kore Sunglasses – the difference is clear.

                             THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT !  

And a Special Thank You to the Tens of Thousands of awesome Kickstarter backers who supported us over the last 6 years and kept us innovating! You made this all possible.

Did you know that every year, the World’s largest sunglass brands get about 10% of their revenue from replacement sales. That’s when customers re-buy glasses after they broke or lost them. We can all relate to that – because we’ve all been there, done that. And those same companies certainly would prefer to keep things just the way they are. But you don’t have to. Now you can get something better and keep it longer.

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