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Be fully immersed with Feelreal – the first patented multisensory mask for VR capable of simulating smell, rain, wind, vibration, punches and more!

Attach to any VR headset and step into a virtual sensory experience like no other.

You’ll be transported into different worlds with the combination of scent, mist, heat, wind, and vibration. This is what VR was meant to be.

Feelreal is a multisensory mask that, when attached with your VR headset, gives you a full sensory experience in your VR environment. From smell to temperature to vibration, you’ll have all your senses firing as you dive into new worlds.

Experience over 255 unique aromas and combine them to create out-of-this-world scentscapes that will teleport you anywhere you imagine – past, present, future, or fantasy.

Because smells trigger the strongest neurological reaction to memory and emotions, you’ll be transporting your entire body and brain to the environment of your choice subconsciously – making your virtual experience even more immersive.

Plus, your sense of smell is closely integrated with your sense of taste, allowing you to get extremely close to tasting items in VR.

Be fully immersed in a world of smells, scents, and tastes and encounter a whole new way to engage with your imagination.

Check out our Feelreal Dreams Aroma Set!  We also included Patchouli Aroma Capsule in each set as a bonus – try using Feelreal for relaxing aromatherapy session.

You can find more available Aromas in Feelreal Store!

Feel the wind in your face as you race to the finish line, the mist of the forest as you stalk your prey, or the pouring rain while you battle in a storm.

Virtual Reality just got a whole lot more real.

Your VR fire doesn’t have to be cold anymore. Trigger heat or cold to fully experience your environment. Micro-coolers and micro-heaters let you sense the cool chill of the mountain air or be surrounded by the warm desert gust of your virtual world.

You can even program temperature effects for objects and events. Experience the scorching heat of a dragon’s flame or the icy blast of a winter storm.

And if you’re ever getting too heated during your VR session, the temperature mechanism can help cool you down and defog your headset. No more sweaty mask rings!

But we didn’t stop there. Haptic Feedback Motors create vibrations that you can feel through your face. Whether it’s a punch from an opponenta high-speed motorcycle chase, or the rumble of a dragon’s roar, you’ll FEEL the vibrations resonating through your face and body.

Fully immerse yourself and your body into whole new worlds. Sense the physical touch of interactions with characters and events in your adventures. This is next level VR.

There are no limitations with Feelreal. Enhance your entertainment, your gaming, even your meditations and home environment with scents, weather simulation, and haptic vibrations!

Feelreal supports a variety of media forms and already has a few ready-to-experience tracks for you to enjoy when you receive yours!

Open 360 videos with Feelreal player and watch them like never before! Download existing Feelreal tracks from our expanding online library or ​create your own to share with friends.

Feel the rush of mountain air as you wingsuit down the Alps or smell the ancient, mystical scent of Fangorn Forest. With Feelreal, you’ll experience your favorite movies and videos in a whole new way!

Transform the way you game. Feelreal supports several popular VR games and experiences right out of the box. Feel the heat and force of an exploding rocket, experience the blast of cold winter wind as you ride a dragon, and smell the gunpowder and earthy scent of rotting flesh as you fight off hordes of zombies.

Fully immerse yourself in your fantasy world and smell, feel, sense everything like you’re actually there.

Jump into one of the amazing worlds created by our developers and independent creators designed specifically to stimulate your senses. With every door you open and each choice you make, you’ll explore new sensual possibilities and broaden your scope of experience.

Dive deep into relaxation and presence as you enjoy not just the sights and sound but also the scents and sensations of your favorite meditation environments. Drift into a remote beach while you feel the gentle ocean breeze or breath in the relaxing aroma of fresh pine leaves in a still forest.

Be fully immersed and sink into the sights, sounds, and smells of a powerful meditation retreat. You can even set your own preferred aromas to jumpstart your body into a meditative state.

With vibration, smell, heat, and air, you know Adult VR will get even better. You’ll be able to smell the perfume, feel the soothing breath on your lips, and even experience the tingle of a kiss on your cheek. Full sensory VR means maximum sensual stimulation.

You can even use Feelreal without a VR headset and control it via mobile app. Use it as your own personal aromatherapy device and get relaxing or focus-inducing scents wherever you go.

The most powerful sensory system is our ability to smell. Scents are processed through your olfactory bulb, which is closely related to the area of your brain which processes memories and emotions. No other sensory system passes through this same area, so the only way totrigger these deep emotional feelings is through smell.

Adding scents to your virtual experience creates a surge of emotions, memories, and sensation that is only paralleled by actual reality. By seeing, hearing, and smelling your environment, you’ll be fully immersed and lost in your virtual world. VR will become reality to your senses, and you’ll experience immersion like never before. 

Get ready to Feelreal.

The synchronization of your visual, auditory, motor, temperature, and olfactory (smell) senses through your VR headset combined with Feelreal allows you to completely transport your body and mind into whole worlds and environments without ever leaving your room.

Every one of your senses is engaged – making your body feel and your mind think that you are in a separate reality. Besides a full body haptic suit, there is nothing more virtually immersive than this. You’re in the action, the rush, the fantasy – and you can FEEL it. 

It’s like you’re actually there – for real.

We developed a reliable scent generator that holds an easily replaceable cartridge containing 9 individual aroma capsules. Choose and combine any of the 255 scents available! Install and change them depending on your VR experience.

Our scents are all marked by our CleanScent guarantee. We only use absolutely safe sources and practices to create our aromas, so you can experience your worlds without worry.

All our aromas are exclusively designed by acclaimed perfumer, olfactologist, and perfume critic, Bogdan Zubchenko. Combining techniques from over 20 years of experience, Bogdan created and designed a plethora of memorable and diverse aromas and scentscapes to give you the ultimate smell sensory experience!

Feelreal is equipped with two force feedback haptic motors that kick in when there is a perceived impact, touch, or force in your virtual world. You’ll feel the punch of an opponent and shake with the trembles of monster’s roar through the powerful touch of vibrations. This makes the experience so much more real.

We used an ultrasonic ionizing system to create water mists that can be sprayed at you for the visceral sense of liquid on your face. The system is silent and controlled – so it won’t interrupt your session.

Whether it’s rain, an ocean spray, mist in a forest, or the spit of some dungeon creature, you’ll feel it and be thrown even deeper into your virtual experience!

Dual micro-coolers and a micro-heater generate temperature and weather functions – allowing you to feel a hot breath or a cool breeze. The micro-coolers blow cool air to your face to simulate wind, while the micro-heater warms up the air in your mask to simulate heat coming from a fire or the environment.

The temperature simulators can also be used to regulate your own body temperature and help defog your VR headset. Cool off while you level up and continue swinging your swords and lightsabers without worry of a sweaty mask afterwards.

We worked hard to make sure Feelreal doesn’t intrude on your VR session. That’s why we spent extraordinary effort designing the mask to be as lightweight and as easy to use as possible.

Feelreal uses a magnetic mount to firmly attach itself to your headset and only weighs 7oz (200g)! That’s as light as a hamster! No fumbling around with attachments and no significant additional weight to your face.

We designed replaceable headset adapter for each compatible headset. If you change or upgrade your headset, you can simply purchase a new adapter rather than buying a new Mask!

Explore the VR multiverse with no extra burden to hold you down.

Feelreal is ready to use out of the box! From receiving your mask to experiencing its magic, we designed Feelreal to be a completely seamless experience.

After attaching the magnetic mount system, simply insert your scent cartridges, snap on the mask, and you’re good to go! The mask uses bluetooth or WiFi to connect with your headset so no wires are needed.

Feelreal connects with any VR headset. Whether it’s PC, console, or even a phone setup, you’ll be able to experience full-immersion VR with your preferred platform.

We already have several titles ready for you to experience when you get your own Feelreal, and there’s much more coming soon! From zombies, to dragons, to Youtube 360 and our own created worlds – you’ll have no shortage of full sensory experiences to enjoy on first release!

Not seeing your favorite title supported? Don’t worry! Adding Feelreal support is super easy!

Our free Feelreal Video Editor lets you easily add scent and sensory tracks to any movie, video, or 360 recording. It works almost like subtitles – simply drag your preferred effect in the timeline over your desired scene an save the Aroma Track. Open the track in Feelreal Video Player and enjoy the experience or share it with fellow fans through our online library.

Game developers can use our SDK for Unity and Unreal Engine to easily patch sensory effects into their games and experiences. Our SDK offers unprecedented creative possibilities to immerse players into your virtual worlds!

VR has allowed us to step into amazing, awesome, and utterly unique worlds. Through it, we’ve been able to escape on epic adventures and experience things we would never experience prior.

Until now, those experiences were limited to only two senses – limiting your ability to fully immerse. Your conscience still partially remained in the reality outside the headset because your other senses were not engaged in the virtual world.

Emotionally, you may have been detached, because smell, your major sense associated with memory and emotion, was not being stimulated in your simulations.

With Feelreal, all your senses will be firing through your VR experience. Get totally lost in the dreamscapes of virtual reality and experience full immersion as you smell, feel, and sense every environment, gust of wind, forceful punch, and delightful scent.

Witness virtual reality blend with actual reality as aromas, memories, and feelings enter your experiences, and be ready to Feelreal.

Don’t see your platform? Message us, and we’ll see what we can do!

Feelreal Dreams Basic Aroma Set includes the following scents:




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