DaySling 2.0 -Best Sling for Efficient Daily Use & Travel


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DaySling 2.0 -Best Sling for Efficient Daily Use & Travel

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Your footwear, apparel, and watches have all been modernized with technical materials. The DaySling 2.0 is the missing link that completes your daily accessories with the most technically advanced premium technology & styles

— engineered for demanding & active lifestyles and built to last a lifetime.

It comes with 2 innovative exterior material





…and it will make your everyday carry experience wonderful, no matter what you’re doing.

Think about every time you rummage to find something sweatly and your gears fall out at the same time.

If you travel very often, think about digging around at the bottom of a backpack to find your gear(it’s always sat the bottom).  Because of that, remember feeling the hot, judgemental breath of people bunching close behind you in security line.

Think about every time you’ve packed with a dummy & broken bag up stairs, across cobblestones or broken streets.

Think about your stuff are stolen because someone cut your bag in a such a short time.

Think about your expensive gears are damaged because a sudden heavy rain. And think about poor-quality fabrics, handles and zips that fail, just when you need them the most.

The DaySling 2.0 takes intense bag-joy in overcoming these frustrations. 


When something is “totally dialed,” that means that every last bit of it does its job perfectly and fits together flawlessly.

or reiterate: It adapts to your gear and lifestyle. See Why:

The DaySling 2.0 Pro’s is made by ultra-high-molecular-weight-polyethylene(tentimes stronger than steel per weight) blended into a fine nylon ripstop. The dense and tactile finish repels dirt and water, keeping your DaySling 2.0 in like-new condition for years.  In fact, this fabric needs to be laser cut. It’s that tough. Moreover, it is cut proof and save your life away from the thieves.

The DaySling 2.0 EXPLORER  is made by waterproof material to protect your gears.


Moreover, The DaySling 2.0 PRO is not just cut proof, but also water repellent!


There is not doubt that the most important feature of a bag is to ensure everything is well organized and easy to get. The DaySling 2.0’s CORE LAYER composes with several pockets to ensure your belongings is well-organized.

No matter what you’ve packed, you will be able to find it, access it without removing your pack, without wrinkling your clothes.  DaySling 2.0 is with face to eyesight front mechanism to ensure everything is clear to see without exposing your property to the strangers.


The DaySling’s PRO LAYER can help you to store electronic device up to 10″ pad and one zipper pocket to store important  thing such as passport, ID, or credit cards.

Meanwhile, you can change your electronic device when packing your gears whenever you go with the electronic wires passing through the charging hole.

Like we said before, The DaySling 2.0 is not just a ordinary bag, it’s an everyday bag. And since no two days are quite the same, we designed a mechanism that expands from 6 -13 L  and greatly to accommodate the perpetual“one last thing,”and also lets the bag maintain its shapely figure when your load is light.




You can close DaySling’s STEALTH LAYER with No zips, no buttons, no noise.  Magnetic Closures are possibly the most magical experience of the whole bag.


DaySling rests on your right shoulder and it has an adjustable strap on the front. You can access all your things without ever having to remove your bag.

It can be worn over the left or right shoulder.

As with all of our products, we choose to use premium materials and elements. That’s why the DaySling 2.0 comes with German Fidlocks to improve efficiency and give the bag that extra feeling of quality.

You can hang and fix anything you want immediately.

It adapts to your activity too. No more switching bags when you travel or hop on your bike—one bag, with straps that let you wear it in a multitude of ways.The best part of DaySling 2.0 is that you can carry it in any way you want! We created an angle-adjustable strap so that the bag will automatically fit your body.






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DaySling 2.0 -Best Sling for Efficient Daily Use & Travel