FAIR Cookware – Care For Hunger

The countdown to Christmas has begun. Over the past months, our team has been working hard to put together a fair concept: high-quality cast iron skillets that come in 4 different models, offered at competitive prices. It’s been an amazing cooking journey so far, but our story didn’t begin with a skillet.

It began with raising awareness for America’s hungry. FAIR Cookware contributes to the fight against hunger in the U.S. by providing everyday essentials to local food banks and food pantries. Our fair concept isn’t just based on providing high-quality skillets at competitive prices; it’s based on a mission to rise against hunger. With our funding goal, we will initially support 500 households relying on food banks. However, we aim to provide 350,000 high-quality cast iron skillets to both consumers and people turning to food banks.

Are you ready to care & share? Buy one, give one and support those in need. 

Rising against hunger

Christmas is just around the corner; a season of joy and togetherness. A season we probably all look forward to and most of us experience it as one of the happiest times of the year. It’s a season in which we care and share, more than usual. We spend quality time with family and friends and enjoy a good meal.

Yet, every day there are millions of people who don’t get to enjoy the Christmas season as much as most people do. They are struggling to get enough to eat and face tough choices on using limited resources for everyday essentials. We’re talking about more than 46 million people in the U.S.: one in eight people that rely on food banks, food pantries and meal service programs to feed themselves and their families. But that’s not all: one in three low-income families also struggle to afford everyday essentials.

We all know Christmas goes hand in hand with higher costs, costs that families who don’t have money for food and everyday essentials can’t afford. They have to face tough choices every single day. From choosing between food and medical care to choosing between food and utilities. And we can help them with those utilities. So let’s roll up our sleeves, contribute to the local fight against hunger and make a lasting impact.


Together we can help stabilize the lives of those we serve 
A hunger-free America where everyday essentials are available to everyone may be a dream, but we would like to support that dream. How? By bringing you traditional cast iron cookware, based on a ‘buy one, give one’ philosophy. For every skillet purchased, you will donate the exact same one to someone in need. Care For Hunger, care for each other.

Get to know our versatile workhorses: product features 

If you want to show off some of your impressive cooking skills, only a high-quality skillet will cut it. From proper material and size selection to ensure optimal heat retention, dual pour spouts and an ergonomic handle for cooking comfort and control: creating our skillets is a profound process.


Available in 4 different models

From juicy sear-roasted steaks, to fluffy baked cornbread, to fall-of-the-bone braised lamb shanks, to crunchy fried shrimps, our cast iron skillets rock at almost any type of cooking. Even though our skillets are versatile and durable, every food type requires its own size for perfect heating.

We’ve created 4 different models that accommodate most cooking needs:


Dual pour spouts 

Pour spouts can help you drain off rendered fats and extra cooking liquids, especially handy when your recipe calls for deglazing tasty brown bits to make a pan sauce. Our three round skillets are equipped with dual pour spouts to make your cooking easier. Instead of being forced to use a particular hand when pouring and stirring, you can now use your dominant hand for excellent pouring.

Sampled & tested

Our skillets are made of cast iron to ensure they can last multiple lifetimes. Every iron poured at our foundry meets the highest quality standards and complies with environmental certification to minimize the harmful impacts on the environment. We’re aiming to make good products and we’re proud to tell you that our products have earned both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.

Pre-seasoned with vegetable oil 

To make sure you can prepare your favorite dishes right away, we pre-season your skillet using vegetable oil. Each skillet is coated with a thin layer of oil, both on the inside and outside, to protect the iron and prevent sticking.

Performs beautifully on any heat source 

Our skillets can be used anywhere and anytime: they can be used on all stovetops, from gas to induction to electric. In addition, they are oven-, stove- and grill-friendly. What’s even greater: you can use our skillets for indoor cooking as well as cooking over a campfire.

High volumetric heat capacity & high emissivity 

Cast iron is heat-resistant and can thus withstand hot temperatures for a long time. The high volumetric heat capacity of the iron makes sure that once your skillet is hot, it stays hot. Perfect for searing meat. In addition, they have a high emissivity rating.



Traditional cookware like non-stick and Teflon can leach harmful chemicals and toxins into your food. FAIR Cookware skillets are PFOA and PTFE free: their surface is non-toxic and contains no harmful chemicals or engineered coatings. By using cast iron, you even get added nutrients to help you produce extra red blood cells and prevent anemia.

Fair quality, fair price 

We’ve noticed the ambitious price of most cast iron skillets and we believe that high-quality cast iron skillets should be available to all. That’s why our skillets are based on a unique fair concept: they meet the highest quality standards while offered at competitive prices.