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Apollo, the world’s first portable power pack using graphene composite battery and USB C PD technology. It supports up to charge at 60W, which means the battery with capacity of 6000mAh can be fully charged in 20 minutes or so if using the USB-C 60W Adapter.

 Super Fast Charging

Super Fast Charging with the adapter of MacBook Pro 13″ 60W




Apollo supports the Power Delivery 3 protocol. You needn’t bring a separate adapter with you, because it is compatible with USB C power adapters of Nintendo SwitchApple MacBookLenovo laptop ,Dell laptop or HP laptop.

If you have only old laptop chargers or MagSafe adapters, you can also use our Anywattadapter to charge Apollo.




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Besides, Apollo supports 40W USB C PD output, which means it supports the Fast Charging of the latest iPhone 8 or iPhone X, or in an emergency, it supports emergency charge to your Apple Macboook .


Graphene Composite Battery Inside

Apollo realizes application of graphene composite cell to mobile power pack for the first time in the world (Graphene composite Provided by CellsX) . On the basis of the same capacity and the same charging current, the cell with graphene composite material has much smaller internal resistance and better conductivity. Therefore, the temperature rise is lower during super fast charging, so it is safer, and cell swelling and burning will never happen.

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Graphene Battery Charging Performance Test in 8C Rate ( 2500mAh cell Charging in 20A Current)

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Surface Temperature of  Graphene Battery Charging Performance Test in 8C Rate

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Final Temperature of Graphene Battery Charging Performance Test in 8C Rate After Fully Charged. (Noted: 8C Charging Rate which means fully charged in about 7 mins)

Roadmap Of the Graphene Composite Battery Power Pack

Those Graphene Composite Battery cells and the related technology are provided by CellsX ( Also Called NESC in China),  they have spent more than 13 years in the Graphene Battery Cell Technology. We met each other four years ago and we were asked to made the first Graphene Power Bank with their Gen1 Battery ( 60C Charging Rate, 2400mAh) for them, and later we updated it by their Gen2 Battery (30C Charging Rate, 3500mAh) during the next two years.  However, there has two problems in the Gen 1 and Gen 2:

1. 60C or 30C is far more enough when it is applied  in Power Pack ( 5C would be enough) .

3. Much Smaller Capacity than actual Market requirement.

Therefore, CellsX had spent more than 3 years to make it smaller in Charging Rate from 60C to 10C  and Higher Capacity from 2400mah to 6000mah in Same size ( Shown as below) ,  and finally, the lastest battery cell was in mass production in Jan 2017 and We used to design the Gen 3rd Power Pack.

The idea of Apollo Power Bank is confirmed as USB C PD technology is more and more popular, in Gen 1 or Gen 2 Power Pack, it still needed separate adapter to charge it. So we decided to make it compatible with all the USB C PD adapter.  Therefore, we designed the Apollo with USB C PD 3.0 and Called it Gen 4th.

The Apollo is all based on the Pre-Mass Production and Feedback of our Gen 3rd (Working in it now). most problems have been solved during Gen 3rd, Apollo will be optimized based on the Gen 3rd, it is likely to have the new features including:

1. CellsX Claimed the Version 4 Battery Cell will improve the capacity in  about 10%-15% in 3~6 months later , if it will be, Apollo will update to about 7000mah when shipment .

2. Improving the Charging effective and lowering heating

3. Optimized the assembly & Testing process

4. Try the possibility to  Update the input from 60W to  87W.

One more thing to be noted it that, in Gen 3,  as the bolt voltage of  traditional battery cell is 3V while the Graphene Battery is capable to 2.5V, therefore, the Graphene battery is able to be charged in large current at the beginning, however, one of the chipset, is called 8805, is defined by traditional cell, it will only allowing to charge it in very small current at the beginning, therefore, in 0%-1% it will take about 3-4 min to power up while in 99%-100% will take 4mins.

Therefore, in Gen 3, the totally charging current is about 27mins (20 min to charge about 98%). We’ll try to make it possible to make the charging time in both 0-1% and 99%-100% shorter.

ELECJET TEAM have run anywatt and assisted to run C-Force, if you are Backers from those two projects, you might know that, unlike other projects, we will launch the project before it is 100% not risk in Mass Product and we will provide after-sales services to all the backers. To achieve it, we will release about Gen 3rd into the market where it is manufacturing (China)  for testing the reliability.


 $79     Apollo+ Anywatt Adapter



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Other Graphene Composite Battery Applications

The biggest features of the Graphene Composite Battery is Super Fast Charging and long cycling time. They also working the project of  City Delivery e-Vehicle System, which can be fully charged in 15mins~25mins and about 80-100km mileage.