Three years ago Lawrence’s father was burned from a faulty gas stove that set his tent on fire.

So he set out to create a safer outdoor cooking product by harnessing technology. A few prototypes and tests later, he realised the product’s potential. To become the “swiss army knife of stoves”.

Thus, Morphcooker was born.










We don’t take electrical systems lightly. The Morphcooker has been developed with quality components by a team of talented electrical specialists at Metaera.

We have established partnerships with reliable, proven manufacturers to ensure we deliver the highest quality product possible. Our cells are sourced to the world’s best and largest manufacturer. Our stainless steel and aluminium is of the highest calibre available, and our silicone is food grade safe.


Morphcooker is on a mission. To develop a revolutionary product that transforms the way we cook outdoors.

We are a team of outdoor enthusiasts, engineers and designers, who believe in harnessing advanced technologies to overcome the limitations of traditional petroleum-based options and campfires.

Lawrence, an experienced hiker, saw first-hand the safety hazard of cooking with open flames when a family member was burned by a tent fire. Combining our experience, passion and inventiveness we’ve set out to create a safer, smarter outdoor stove. After three years of trial and error, the results have exceeded all expectations.

Morphcooker was built for outdoor enthusiasts by outdoor enthusiasts. Which is why the team believe collaboration with the outdoor community is essential. As we embark on this journey we will engage with our supporters along the way to ensure we’re creating the ultimate next generation outdoor stove.


Our goal is to have your Morphcooker in your hands by March. We’ve secured trusted fulfilment partners and will begin final prototyping and production as soon as the campaign ends successfully.