The new Sitpack ZEN is the world’s most compact, and functional seating designed to improve your posture, whether you’re indoors or outdoors. Sitpack ZEN is a truly ergonomic, height adjustable chair that lets you relax whilst maintaining a good posture.

3 years ago we created Sitpack here on Kickstarter. Now, with the awesome help of 7071 backers from KS and Makuake in Japan, we’re thrilled to be back with another great innovation.

Sitpack ZEN-XI | weight: 460g / 0.99lbs | Weight capacity: 136Kg/300lbs

Sitpack ZEN-XII | weight: 360g / 0.79lbs | Weight capacity: 136Kg/300lbs

Color ZEN XI | Matte black anodized aluminium tubes

Color ZEN X-II | Matte black carbon tubes



Sitpack ZEN was created based on feedback from thousands of backers – who wanted portable seating to be made: more COMPACT, STRONGER, LIGHTER, MORE ADJUSTABLE and much, more COMFORTABLE.

Our core philosophy is to employ leading edge technology to reach these goals and make portable seating convenient, awesome and easy to use.



When we first made the Original Sitpack we started with the existing cylindrical shape of the 500ml beverage can. When we went back to the drawing board, we let our imagination run free – and crafted something built of materials that were sufficiently strong and light enough to fulfill all our expectations.

The Y-Shape of the ZEN is the perfect angle to suspend a seat that is ergonomically designed to adopt the correct shape by using the weight of the user. The “hammock” shaped seat provides both optimal comfort and flexibility.

By using only the finest materials we are able to build to the tightest and most demanding specifications. We don’t compromise on materials. We want this chair to last you a lifetime.


Made with more intuitive features – eg markings along the tubes, Sitpack ZEN can be used straight out of the box. By following the white markings you’ll be set up in seconds. Open, pull, twist and enjoy. While developing the product, and during the coming months we will be co-designing the white markings on each tube, with feedback from our backers.







We make the Sitpack ZEN series from only the finest available materials: carbon fiber, aerospace grade aluminium, tactical mesh, ballistic fibre and Kevlar webbing. By matching the performance of these materials with precision engineering we’ve produced the most robust, height adjustable, lightweight chair in the universe. Or have we? Any extra terrestrials out there? Bring it on! Make our day!

By using Sitpack ZEN at the office and at longer, standing events you are able to train and maintain a good posture, which, in turn, boosts your energy levels, your motivation and your concentration.

Stuck at a desk all day? Well, our bodies are not designed for it, nor are we designed to stand. Humans are designed for walking. Sitpack ZEN is the solution that lets you stay active whilst doing a sedentary job. I bet you are slouching overyou laptop right now?

It’s no secret that your work position can quickly lead to neck or back aches, which can turn into chronic pain. Everyone experiences this type of pain in their life. We’re here to help improve your sitting/standing posture and to help avoid these shooting pains.

If you use Sitpack ZEN for just 30 minutes a day, we guarantee that you’ll feel the difference. Use Sitpack ZEN at the office. Make watching TV, gaming and any outdoor activity where you have to stand for a long time a posture improving, active event.


In order to make Sitpack ZEN the slimmest and lightest portable seat in the world we had to push the technologies and the materials to the limit. Everything down to the screws has been specifically designed for the purpose and custom made in order to avoid any compromises in quality, weight and size.

Sitpack ZEN is the result of combining the design ideas of old fashioned foldable seats with the structural solutions to be found in nature. Nature provides us with examples of the most elegant and material-light constructions. So why not follow them?











We have successfully created and fulfilled a kickstarter project before. Since we launched Sitpack back in Oct. 2014 – we’ve honed our skills and vastly improved our production and sourcing network to bring you a product of the highest quality. Design Awards are expensive, so we’ve only got three. We’re much more interested in your appreciation of what we are doing.